Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Laid Plans

So, I graduated. I am still waiting to receive the actual piece of paper, due to some slow administrative stuff, but I know all my grades and wore the robe and walked across the stage. So, I am a real librarian. School is over, for the time being. I still harbor some thoughts of a doctorate, far off in the future, but I'll have to get over my current hatred of school. Hah.

Despite graduating and moving to my grown up apartment (I'm so excited, I bought a couch!), my aspirations to blog more often have gone to naught. I have blogging ideas, of course, I just haven't come up with the time. But, fear not, I will start blogging with actual content soon.

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Kristi(e) said...

And by soon, do you mean after August 22nd?